Monday, August 15, 2016


Azhiyur is a restive village on the west coast of India bordering Mahe. The demography is of mixed faiths; Hindu and Muslim who live in relative harmony. When political volatility of  Kannur and its seepage to parts of Kozhikode has turned the neighboring  area sanguine, but Azhiyur has remain aloof from political and religious skirmishes.

A silent revolution is taking place in this village for almost a decade thanks to India's soft powers which is going places; Yoga and Ayurveda. At a time when hate preachers vie to abuse and degrade religious and political ideologies, an Ayurvedic Hospital is mending minds and heart of people from all over the world.

A hospital named Greens is winning hearts and bridging continents and cementing the missing links of cultural friendship

The days at this hospital begins with OM or Gayatri Mantra which sublimes into the thin  morning air with the suprabhatam of Balagobala temple and the subhah prayer call of nearby Muslim mosques.

Dr.Asghar, the owner and Chief Physician has wonderfully amalgamated and taught the people from different background, faith, nationality how to share the resources of nature peacefully. We need more such centers to preach peace and nonviolence.

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