Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Recently during International Yoga Day Kerala added it's due share by riddling in controversies. The state minister for Health staged a walk-out because to her deaf communist ears Sanskrit verses were too inaudible. To add insult to injury few days after a young legislative member, V.T. Balaram wrote a whole essay about the fallacy of learning a 'dead language.'
In Indian culture god resides in ourselves, the word 'kshetra' is synonymous with both 'temple and body. When all other languages evolved over centuries, Sanskrit was born within our human body; i.e. from God itself, hence the name Deva Bhasha - Language of Gods (Devals have no birth or death).
Sanskrit is not a created language, it is revealed language, something which came from within.
In yoga when saints described the 'Chakras' they represented each chakra with different petaled 'lotuses.' and each lotus is represented by one Sanskrit letter. Unlike the deaf minister, saints heard these sounds from their own body by meditation.
1. Mooladhara represents 4 letters (four petaled)
2. Swadhishtan represented by 6 petals
3. Manipuraka represented by 10 petals
4. Anahata represents 12 petals
5. Vishudhi represents 16 petals
6. Ajna represents 2 petals
Altogether 50 in numbers and that is exactly the same number as Sanskrit letters.
The Grammar books of Sanskrit says that these sounds came out from the body of the cosmic dancer Siva during his celestial dance of Tandav through his 'damaru' (a small percussion instrument.
But it is pity that ruling nationality party in India has even hijacked the concept of Lotus! No wonder the communists and Congress scram foul!

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